Context of teaching

My teaching practice aim is to provide lessons that engage, educate and inspire in a positive way. To bring together a classroom community where students feel comfortable to be able to share knowledge, ideas and aspirations.  The style of my teaching allows students make visual connections and unravel the possibilities in their work. It provides the opportunity to develop their own sense of identity, also to help raise confidence and self-esteem.

I find subject matter being taught a very important part teaching and learning to induce dialogue, discussion and debate. To draw on similarities where students can be engaged through relating to recognisable situations and to make comparisons.

I am hoping to gain broader knowledge in pedagogical practice for effective and inclusive teaching and learning.  The PgCert as part of the Teaching Within programme will enable me to expand and accomplish creative approaches to teaching whilst to bring up to date with contemporary methods, building further awareness of teaching practices. I plan to continue my practice as an artist and educator where I can encourage and share knowledge. Therefore I am looking forward to be able to utilise my skills proficiently, developed through my research, reflecting on my teaching and studies.

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