Making Stories –

Storytelling is fundamental of part theatre design.
Students will be introduced to the session by showing a short video clip on collaboration.

Theatre design first-year students are working on ideas towards the theatre model sets.  Moving on from their mood boards students are now looking more in depth at the characters within both plays  The Cunning Little Vixen and Animal Farm. I wanted to students to consider the attributes of the characters within the plays.  Students were directed to consider the political aspects within the play Animal Farm and feminist aspects in the Cunning Little Vixen. The objective of this lesson was to enable the students to work collaboratively and discuss the underlying theories of in both the plays.

The students are yet to decide which play they will focus on to make their stage model set design. This lesson was a way for them to engage with the process of thinking through making. Using clay is an interesting material a to work with. It’s malleability  can remove any inhibitions of being wrong or making mistakes.  This allows the students the sense of freedom to explore whilst making. This freedom and exploration through play I had linked to Philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer. where he introduces the concept of play where the spectator plays a crucial interpretive role in the meaning of the art piece being presented.  Students began by considering  and documenting the the attributes of the character in the play. They were encouraged to play with the idea of considering themselves as one of the characters in the play and to think about what personal attributes they would inject in the character in the play that they will focus on.  The first part of the session was an individual take where the student engaged with the character through the action of making whilst discussing the character attributes with their peer.


Students later considered

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