Meeting with BA Theatre Design

First year BA Theatre design students spent the morning at the Lyric theatre as a reconnaissance trip to explore stages set and backstage. This was for the students to be able to obtain information of the set they will be designing. This was my first meeting with the students. BA course leader has good working relationship with the Lyric Theatre and was able to arrange for designers he or she may have has been commissioned to design worked within the theatre to talk to the students. Students were introduced through the process of what happens backstage and theatre set as well as costume design concepts and how they are created inspired by. This is a good opportunity for students to engage and to be in a position of a designer on a research visit. Therefore they became aware of the process were guided around theatre stage set and behind-the-scenes.

I found this beneficial to the students so that they can see how the stage set functions and its scale are. Students have the technical drawings for the Lyric Theatre in which they will create their theatre design model sets. This teaching and learning session I found to be beneficial to the students as the learning outcome is for them to gain understanding of the space and scale of the theatre that they are designing the set for the drawing specifications to theatre. To obtain information theatre is organised backstage and when a production is in place. In future when students watch a performance will do so with a new knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes to affect what is played out in front of them an example of which they will know how the mechanisms of slide all the lighting Students received Interesting tips and guides when working to a large scale. It is also fortunate for them to see a brief rehearsal take place on stage. It was also good to see the physicality of the theatre stage to explore the space and to see the theatre stage set from the audience perspective.

Structure of the tour of the Lyric was broken down into three areas industry discussion and guidance looking at costume’s design as well as across changes in theatre backstage. Spending time doing the stage you and within the seating area to gain perspective a scale. I would have encouraged the students to photographs and perhaps take an image of the front of the set they can then use within Photoshop to digitally design their future theatre set. The students learned about mechanisms such as lifts, and interesting things goes on behind the scenes that can be used and considered when designing for theatre set. Provide a bit of insight to industry and starts the students to think as designers.

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