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Shades of Noir (SoN) http://shadesofnoir.org.uk/

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  • How could you apply the resources to your own teaching practice?
    “how do I apply the resources to my own teaching practice?”.
    Shades for me is a place of comfort to research, catch up on current affairs local and beyond that pushes the marginal line of inequality. SoN is a space for wider knowledge and understanding of topics  the first instance there is a wealth of resources that can be used towards planning lesson and projects to open discussion and awareness to thinking critically on. Reading articles in the Arts, Media and Education sections can support curriculum planning and widen my knowledge and help to keep me abreast of news and current affairs that can be shared with the students and directed to collegues.SoN keeps me updated and informed of events that I can participate in and share with my students and those that I encounter. It’s a news source so the archives are beneficial to referencing. I have been fortunate to have participated in some of the lectures to feed my knowledge and share in debates and discussions. Contributions can be made to where.I tend to use the Terms of reference zines to enhance and support any ideas I have on the themes for teaching. The range of articles is a place that teachers can broaden their knowledge and issues surrounding race, class, gender, faith disability, therefore to gain insight and understanding of their students that assist teaching towards equality and social justice.There is a wealth of activities and events that I can participate and well as my students. If there are things that I need to be more aware of in order to understand and support my students more I tend to use the Terms of reference.



For teaching and learning of my artefact I visited the education section of shades I like also going to the database to explore and see what I can find with regards to my interests and subject areas for my teaching practice.

Diigo Database



  • How could you integrate the research/work your students do on this subject into your teaching/professional practice 

Most recently students have been researching the theme of marginalised voices through the prism of gender and race. This stemmed from my artefact. I found to have an artefact to base the lesson on a really important and powerful tool for student engagement and for my own lesson planning . It was a good foundation to scaffold learning and critical thinking and awareness.

Students in their groups had discussed mind mapped and shared ideas on who they considered to be marginalised groups. They then narrorowed down to focus on one marginalised group in particular. on uncover

The scaffolding began with students sharing with each other aspects of their identity through discussion based on a drawing tasks of their lips and 5 key words to describe themselves. They were paired with a partner that they would not normally sit with in the social context of friendship groups in the classroom that forced the students to discuss and find out more about their peers. I had direct the students to Shades of Noir for their research on marginalised voices and importantly as a place for them to learn and become involved events.





  •  Can you cite examples? 
You will share your thoughts within your groups and comment and share further resources you use in your own context.I had left students on at the end of the fist day with the word Intersectionality an explained clearly the history of the phrase coined by Kimberley Crenshaw in 1989. In my research for reaching my artefact to BA Theatre Design students I came across some interesting websites that can be a point of reference for students and colleagues.

Here is a really interesting video regarding featuring Dorinda Carter on  Equity and Equality that helped me to understand the article I had read on the same subject.

The consciousness gap in education – an equity imperative | Dorinda Carter Andrews | TEDxLansingED



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