Race – The Robber’s Cave experiment

The psychology around The Robber’s Cave experiment is an interesting one. How would The Robbers Cave experiment work in a classroom setting? Does it already exist as a place of conflict? I say yes. I can compare the concept of this experiment to the Inclusive Teaching and Learning Unit and the Teaching Within program. There is no doubt when some white academics are confronted by the fact that their methods and practices are profoundly Eurocentric. Where alternative methods for inclusive teaching are introduced by BAME staff the reaction is often one of hostility.

The ‘defiance’ black academics pose is a simple one of delivering an inclusive pedagogy. Addressing the lack of diversity within the institution by employing a curriculum, methods of teaching that encourages cultural diversity. Creating spaces that supports all students to receive enhanced learning, deep thinking and a place to become a visible voice.

This is not widely accepted with some academics within the institution. Particularly from those that come from a place of privilege are challenged to think about their own position of having been blinkered and disconnected to issues of social injustice with regards to identities and race.

The resource seen as limited by those who are insecure wishing to retain their position of power In denial to amend those insecurities their hostility creates conflict. You’ve only got to read Inside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of Women of Colour Surviving and Thriving in British academia (10 Nov 2017) to see how it plays out in Higher Education. The key issue here is that are presence resist erasure, therefore the current lack of representation of BAME students and staff is temporary.

Where would the need for cooperation to take place? The result of National Student Surveys Government rule? Or by creating positively structured environments where to have the opportunity to re evaluate relations with one another. (Tapper).  The Inclusive Teaching and Learning Unit, and Shades of Noir are such that positively structured environments for understanding and changing mindsets.

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