Dispositions and qualities of teaching.

What are my dispositions a teacher?       

Directly, the educator may be a source of inspiration for his own qualities, dispositions or energies.

From this quote from Ron Barnette combines having reflected on conversations within the seminar groups I consider my own qualities and dispositions that I have as the teacher.

My dispositions are that I’m reflective teacher I have enthusiasm for my subject that I like to share. I am prepared to explore areas I may not know to provide fulfilment for the students within teacher learner pedagogy. To engage with all students and harnessed the many talents that they bring to the learning environment. To be encouraging and supportive in respect of their identities and needs providing the students with opportunities to see themselves and their work to collaborate and share. To support the different learning styles students may have heard to ensure that there is an open reciprocal dialogue in the student and myself. To demonstrate courage to try things new with the students therefore to inspire.

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