Jon Nixon and The role of the university to bring people together

I recently came across this video an interview with John Nixon that sums up my reading from an the earlier reading task: Interpretive Pedagogies for Higher Education. It also relates to many of the discussions I have had on this PgCert regarding the role of universities and the philosophies that surround it.

Nixon believes that all the problem we face can only be truly be addressed by global learning and discussion.  This interview goes on to answer the question: How can space be created for global learning and discussion within an institutional space.

Therefore, Nixon states: The University must see itself as an institutional space i.e. a space where people come together and not dissociate. When people come to give an associate, they do so with a particular purpose.

Within the university role of people come together to associate is to learn together so it so civil society is going to privilege and price and protect and sustain working together and learning together they have to protect and sustain the universities.

Interview im Anschluss an den Vortrag “Universities as Deliberative Spaces: Learning to Reason Together” am 11.11.2011 am Center for Teaching and Learning / CTL, Universit√§t Wien.

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